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The Mysterious Menagerie

Welcome to my warped world!

Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg
1 September 1980
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What can I say, I am a collector! I don't deny it, actually I except my collecting obsessions! What can I say, looking for that one rare item for my collection is my own personal treasure hunt!

What do I collect you ask? My main collection interest is that of Pokemon, but not just any Pokemon, Purrloin is my main Pokemon collecting obsession! I have a rather large collection of the purple kitteh now! Other Pokemon that I tend to collect are: Giratina Origin Form, Purugly, Persian and Reparudasu! I also have smaller secondary collections of Team Rocket, Meowth and Giovanni!

It isn't easy being able to make my collection grow. My income is very tight, I will admit I am on SSI disability. I am not afraid to admit I have problems, who doesn't?! We are all unique individuals, being different is a great thing! Though yes, I will admit I am very different compared to most, but that is who I am!

In order to keep my collection growing, I buy Pokemon lots filled with tons of "goodies," usually directly from Japan by help of a middleman. I keep what I want for my personal collection(s), then I turn around and sell or trade the goods that are left to other Pokemon collectors. Thanks to the wonderful community I am part of, my collection has taken off like a rocket! Thanks pkmncollectors!!

Other reliable sources for Pokemon merchandise are:


This is not just another site for buying merchandise! Sunyshore.com also features the very impressive collection of denkimouse! If you love electric type Pokemon, custom plush, animation art, or just official Pokemon merchandise in general, then check it out! Don't forget to stop by the Sunyshore PokeMart for some official merchandise straight from Japan...;)

I can't leave out Pickles, she would never forgive me! Everywhere that I go, Pickles is sure to follow...XD