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Leviathan's Lament

I openly admit I play at a site known as Dragon Cave where one obtains Dragon eggs and raises them to their full adult form! During Halloween there was a short release of a Vampire Dragon. As soon as mine reached adult hood it was love at 1st site especially for the coloration of the male Vampires! 

On Dragon Cave, one can generate an incubator which displays small pics of all your Dragons. The purpose of this is the show off your Dragons in forums and it is a great way to get people to visit your scroll containing all your collected Dragons for ones eggs and hatchlings need to be viewed and clicked to reach adult hood! Though I love the incubator that is generated, I also love to be different! To make a long story short I came up with my own image to welcome people to my scroll!

Here it is:

Mediums Used: Prismacolor Pencils, Parchment Paper, and My Personal Time!

I hate how LJ shrinks images! For a closer look at the details give the pic a click! If anyone is wondering why there are some Hellraiser (Leviathan and the circle found on the Lament Configuration) themed stuff in the drawing, it is because I have a Hellraiser theme going when I name my Gold Dragons!

Yes, I have no life and for anyone who is interested, here is a link to my scroll:
Sadly, I no longer use DC. I feel the site got to big for its britches...:\

Hellraiser - Lament Configuration

Oh Rats!

As many of you know I do dabble in art once in awhile, it is in my blood and I can not deny letting it come out from time to time. I will admit I do not think much of any of the artwork I happen to do. For some reason I am never happy with the final results of any of my projects. I guess as they say we are our own worst critics! 

After the recent death of my Grandfather, I decided to get back to work on my art. I have many projects that I have started and have been doing nothing but collecting dust incomplete! One of these projects is a statue that I was making out of professional Sculpey oven clay. The results were going great, but some of the final touches I was trying to add were not going the way I wanted. To make matters worse, as the project sat on my art table it got accidentally  knocked on the floor too! Luckily, professional Sculpey is some tough stuff and luckily only minor repairable damage happened. A crack in the tail and a crack on the lower right leg!

Alas, you would think this "mishap" would have made me get back to work on this project, but it did not. After returning from my Grandfather's funeral I ordered a few materials that I would need to complete this almost year long project, and here he is:


My Ratman and or Wererat!! I am not sure what to call him...I have had a few suggestions.

Medium: Professional Sculpey, Model Magic (For Repairs), Wire, Foil, Floral Tape, Liquid Sculpey, Acrylic Paints and Faux Fur...

If you have a question as to what materials were used at what stage and why, just ask!! I don't hard!!! XD

More Pics:

I am currently working on another project, my 1st ever hand sewn plush. Part of it will be made from professional Sculpey. Once completed I will be showing it off here...;)

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Creatures From El

One day I was surfing the web out of total boredom, I don't get to do this much now a days for things have gotten unusually busy for me lately!! Anyway, I stumbled upon some unusual yet awesome statues on Deviant Art, from there a link some how led me the LJ, and in no way am I sorry that it did!!

Meet LJ User: creaturesfromel 

It probably took me all of 2 seconds to decide to commission her, and here is what she made for me:


The Phoenix Fox:

The Vampire Dragon:

Please note I wanted El to create these creatures in her style, though she told me she could make Chaos look exactly the way Disney made him...

Well, I hate to leave this unfinished, but I have to get my day going...Once I get some more spare time I will be adding more to this entry...;)

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Purr's Pokemon Palace!




Feedback Thread:

Worried about buying from me or just wanting to leave me some feedback, then check out my...

Feedback Thread With The PKMNCOLLECTORS Community

Important Announcement:

Purr's has made a move to it's own journal here on LJ! Why you ask?! Well, this journal became something I never intended it to, a personal journal! So, I figured this was the best move for my little shop, it also gives Purr's room to expand it wings! So, enough rambling from me, what are you waiting for? Click the link below:

Thanks and have a great day...;)

Aladdin - Chaos - Chaotic

My Life Can Be A Little "Chaotic"...

My favorite character of all time is a winged blue cat named CHAOS that Disney created for only one episode of the Aladdin TV series...

Though Chaos has never been seen since, I have always collected things that reminded me of him,
like the Windstone Editions big winged cat statue!! It saddens me that Chaos only had a one time appearance, for this Chaotic Critter has stolen my heart and has yet to give it back!! I was even crazy enough to have my own version of him tattooed on my arm, and recently I decided to have some unique art commissioned of this Chaotic Winged Cat!!

Last Updated:


by juumou 

by creaturesfromel 

by TheRedBat on DA

by kululu_xiao 

by wolvenillusion 

by kiriska 

by featherclaw 

Many thanks to all of the wonderful artists who drew me their own version of Chaos!! Your artwork and talent is truly appreciated!! I have one last piece of "Chaotic" work being produced by YUTAKAYUMI on deviantART, but I have yet to hear back from her on the progress of my Chaos plushie...

Pokemon - TR - James - Koffing Luv

Old School Pokemon Card Collection...


Thanks to resilientspider and gearpony, I got to add the ultimate touch to my Pokemon card collection. The Official Team Rocket card binder!!!

Though it isn't all just about the binder, but what is inside...

Along with many complete old school Pokemon card sets, I have a complete 1st Edition American Team Rocket card set. On the back side of each American card is its Japanese counterpart. That is where this post comes in, I need help completing my Team Rocket Japanese set...I am missing the following:

Collapse )

After the gym sets, I had started to get out of the cards...Actually I had an almost complete Neo set, but I sold it awhile back. I decided to just keep and work on the first 6 sets....
I was able to get a complete 1st Edition Team Rocket set, for I started collecting the set when it first came out!! For the longest time I was just missing a 1st Edition Jolteon, which I was later able to get off of eBay....