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This Journal Is Now...

This has been a long time coming, but my journal here on LJ is going to be mostly "friends only" from now on. Do comment if you would like to be added. Though, be warned my journal is often where I go when I need to vent. I am trying to be more positive with my posts, but life keeps throwing me curve balls here lately. I guess that I just have to keep hitting them back...;)

The lovely art of my ponysona, Phoenix Fox hanging with Zorg is by the very talented meroni.

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Yoshi's Island Dog Tag & Sericel

I have an official Yoshi dog tag that I got out of Nintendo's catalog around 1995 or 1996. I'm trying to get rid of the clutter around here, so I'd like to part with it. I know there are some collectors of Super Mario on my f-list, so I was wondering if someone might be able to help me figure out a price?

Here are some quick pics:

YoshiYoshi - 2

Sorry about the flash there, LOL!! I searched eBay, but I didn't see one like mine listed. Those that were listed are more then likely unofficial anyway. If anyone on my f-list is interested, make me an offer....;)

Out of the same catalog, I got a Yoshi's Island sericel. There were only 1,000 made, but mine isn't in the best of shape. It is mostly the mat that is rough looking. I'm to embarrassed to post a pic, for I normally take good care of my things and I have no clue how this sericel got so abused?

I broke down and took a pic anyway:

Yoshi Sericel

I think the sericel's mat got damaged while we were living in a rather rundown farm house?! That would explain the insect poop on the back...;_;

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Updated Pokemon Wants List 2014

This has been a long time coming!! My wants lists are a tad outdated and scattered through my journal, so I figured to put everything under one entry to make it easier.

Updated - 3/15/2014

Collapse )

Whelp, that looks like it...;)

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Banpresto Darkrai Plush!

I have this Darkrai plush that someone is interested in, but I have no clue what to price it at?! I found the very plush on eBay, but the seller wants $34.50!! Here is the listing:

Darkrai UFO Plush

The one I have is mint with the original hang tag still attached. Hopefully, I will post about my adventures last Wednesday here soon...:3

WoW - Khadgar

My Ponysona...

Well, I am finished my ponysona today. Why am I such a sloooooowww artist?! Anyway, after scanning her into the computer I realized how crappy my printer/scanner really is! So, to cut to the chase my drawing looks 20% cooler in person!

*click for a bigger version

Some things the scanner did not pick-up is the fact that her coat has a very slight kind of reddish tent and the various shades of yellows, oranges and red in her wings. Honestly, the dumb scanner seems to have darkened her body color a little bit...:\

She is loosely based on my fursona and I have no clue what to name her?! I was figuring just to call her Phoenix Fox...Depending if Angelwing needs me tomorrow is if I will start on my Zorg pony idea...;)

Pokemon - TR - Giovanni's Persian

A New Feline Friend!!

I had a special package reach my door yesterday, which surprised me for it was coming all the way from Australia!! I would of posted about it sooner, but I had to fix a little something first...

Persian's jewel was no longer red when this Classy Cat arrived, it was a mix of white and pink! A little red nail polish took care of that...XD

Looks like Persian is already right at home!! I don't know if Jaden and Jiraiya will appreciate Persian using their scratching post...

Pokemon - Purugly - Celebration

Purr's Pan Sticker Sales!




Important Announcement:

Purr's has made a move to it's own journal here on LJ! Why you ask?! Well, this journal became something I never intended it to, a personal journal! So, I figured this was the best move for my little shop, it also gives Purr's room to expand it wings! So, enough rambling from me, what are you waiting for? Click the link below:

Thanks and have a great day...;)

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Devious Journal Entry - This is a test....

I noticed the DA had some new features today, so I decided to try them out...Then again, it may not have been something new...I have a tendency to be blind! I do know the layout looks different, so I can't be all that blind...XD

I wish DA would link a bigger pic of my creation...Oh well, I guess I should break down and load more art onto DA. The Wererat statue of mine would be a good one and whenever I finish my Giratina statue I will load it there too...Yes, I am slow when it comes to art but I will admit I keep getting headaches every time I work on something now. Sounds like I need glasses..:\

Well, I will leave you all with this:

"Pickles enjoys going to strip clubs and waving her dollar bills at the male Giratinas, LOL!! XD"

Cat - White Tiger Cubs

Special Delivery!!

Whelp, after a wait that seemed like an eternity...a certain special package showed up at my apartment door yesterday!

Introducing my new custom made one of a kind female Vampire Dragon plush by Goikuchan of DC:


As they say all good things come to those who wait!!

My beloved female Vampire Dragon is now proudly perched a top my art supply shelf. I do not think I could have a better Dragon watching over my art room!

Thanks again Goikuchan for bringing this deadly beauty to life!!

Just for fun here is a pic of my rotten Russian Blue, Jiraiya!

Cheshire Cat - American McGee's

I must be insane or I just really like DC...

Yes, another DC related post...For those who do not care, just do not read...

Despite a dept I really need to clear I made a slightly large purchase, but to me this purchase is worth it and as far as my dept goes, I am right on track for I have the amount I was seeking to pay towards it this month!

Anyway, in the DC forums there has been much discussion about merchandise and one of my favorite types of merchandise, plush! Two members of DC went the extra mile and made 2 really awesome plush! The 1st was Yutaka Yumi who made a really nice plush of the newly released seasonal Winter Dragon.

Yutaka Yumi is a very talented plush artist! She has made numerous plush and many that are Pokemon! She is in the process of making me a plush of my beloved Chaos! I can't wait for the day he arrives!!

Never ever commission her, she will take your money and never make your plush! All I can say is, lesson learned!

Though I do like the Winter Dragon, it is not my ultimate favorite. Nope, by now you all probably know that I have fallen head over heels in love with the short Halloween released Vampire Dragon! I was beyond tickled when I found out that Goikuchan was making a Vampire Plush! I watched the progress of this wonderful creation on the forums and when the plush was almost complete, I could not help but jump at the chance to make a silent offer!

I know that it takse more then just materials to make a custom plush! It takes time and talent, so I made my offer of what I believed to be a very fair amount! This offer of mine was excepted, and before I forget here is a pic:

I am overjoyed and just look how big she is!! My new gorgeous Vampire Dragon plush will be mailed out this Tuesday! There will be pics upon her arrival!! XD

Yes, I am a Dragon Whore!!

Here is the talented plush makers Deviantart link: