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This has been a long time coming!! My wants lists are a tad outdated and scattered through my journal, so I figured to put everything under one entry to make it easier.

Updated - 3/15/2014


Shiny Scatterbug Plush
Happy Heliolisk Plush
Shiny Mega Lucario Plush

Priority - High!


Scatterbug Want

US Pokemon Center/Nintendo World Plush

Priority - High!

Scatterbug Want - 2

Priority - High!


Priority - High!


Priority - High!

Scatterbug Want - 3

Priority - Medium!


Espurr Plush

Priority - Very High! - Obtained!

Rodney got her for me as a Valentine's gift...<3



Items from the new Espurr Promo

Priority - High!!

Espurr Postcard


Priority - Medium!


Priority - High!!


Purrloin Jakks

Jakks Purrloin Prototype Plush

Priority - GRAIL!!

Purrloin Wants - 2014 - 2

Priority - Very High!

Purrloin Wants - 2014

Priority - Medium on all!


Priority - Medium!

Purrloin Wants - 2014 - 3

Priority - Medium on all!

Wants List

Priority - Medium on all!

American Purple Kitteh TCG

These are the last 2 US Purrloin/Liepard TCG cards that I need. The one on the left is a reverse holo. I thought I already owned it, but I can't seem to find it. Guess that answers that question, LOL!!

Priority - Medium on all!


Just like with my US Purple Kitteh TCG collection, I am only missing 2 of the Japanese cards.

Priority - Medium on all!

That concludes Purrloin and Liepard, hard to believe how little I still need to complete my collection...:D


I need very little to complete my Purugly collection too. Then again, poor Purugly didn't get much merchandise to begin with!


Priority - Medium on all!*

*Obviously, those items with a yellow boarder are what I am seeking!


Priority - Medium!

Purugly Wants

Priority - Medium on all!*

*Obviously, those items with a yellow boarder are what I am seeking!

The 2 TCG cards pictured above are the Japanese versions of the cards, I already have their US counterparts.

The 3D Purugly pictured on the upper left hand side is up on eBay as we speak:


3D Purugly


Gira Settei

Giratina Settei!

Priority - GRAIL!!

Gira Wants

The metal figures, I already have the antique gold, silver and copper. I just need the shiny gold variation (one on the left), which is of very high priority. The Giratina Another button is of very high priority too. I had ordered one years ago and it was lost in the mail. Everything else is of medium priority...;)

Pokemon Playing Cards PT

Priority - Medium!

New Gira Want

Priority - High!


Clear Persian

Clear Persian Kids Figure

Priority - High!

Jessie Metal Figure

Metal Jessie & Arbok Figure

Priority - Medium!


Priority - Medium!



Heliolisk Deck Set

Priority - Medium!


Lucario Mega

Tomy Mega Lucario

Priority - Very High!


Mega Lucario, Mega Absol & Mega Charizard Y

Priority - High!


Mega Charizard Y Clearfile

Priority - High!!


Mega Lucario Candy Figure

Priority - High!!

Mega Lucario Pin

Priority - High!!


Priority - Very High 4 Mega Lucario! I'm still on the fence if I want Mega Absol, I need to see more pics first...;)

Whelp, that looks like it...;)

Off-topic, but I don't think we're friends on the DS yet? Let's swap friends codes :D
Mine is 1177-7110-8442.
I'm not sure if we have?! Here is my FC just in case:


I'll add you in just a second...;)
I didn't know that you were into Espurr. X3

This reminds me, I need to probably post a link to all my wishlists now that I have been adding to them!

Edited at 2014-01-25 08:32 pm (UTC)
Eeyup, little bugger drove me insane trying to breed for a shiny...xXD

I'm participating in the exchange over on pkmncollectors, so I figured it best to have a wants list...;)
Message me about custom plush, I could make a shiny scatterbug, he's so cute!
Right now, my money is very very very tight. I am getting ready to go to Japan in October and will be there for 2 1/2 weeks. Once I return, I need to pay my fiance back for my new laptop. My previous laptop died earlier this year and he was kind enough to bail me out. I'm not sure when I will be financially stable enough to commission you for a custom shiny Scatterbug? I do appreciate you taking the time to message me and I will keep you in mind...;)